The Dial-Down Challenge is a five-week, call-to-action program dedicated towards empowering teenagers to become the energy conservation stewards of tomorrow.

With exciting, innovative weekly themes such as Energy in the Kitchen and Shower Better, Dial Down is committed towards inspiring teenagers to take charge of their energy footprint. Expect a variety of hands-on and reflective activities such as scavengers hunts, attitude surveys, creative projects, and more!

Once you sign up, you will be receiving two emails (Monday and Saturday) every week to keep you on track and get you moving along in your energy steward journey.


Weekly activities provide information to educate and engage families. These activities will foster long-term energy saving behavior.


Videos will help participants understand and learn how to save energy.


Short surveys are used to test knowledge and to help improve the Dial Down Challenge


Week 1: Energy Guardians Week

We’ll teach you the thermostat dials of the refrigerator and air conditioner, and introduce you to some activities that you can do right in your home. Our goal is equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to make a difference in your household  for the planet and your wallet. You totally got this!

Week 2: Energy in the Kitchen

Feeling hungry? This week, we’re taking a look at energy in the kitchen and finding out all the ways we can dial it down! From home cooked meals to innovative energy-saving cooking tips and tricks, this is your week to unleash your culinary expertise while learning all the ways you can dial down your energy footprint in the kitchen.

week 3: Shower better week

Ever think about how you get your hot water? Water heaters do that job for us and they come in different types (gas, electric, solar) but they also consume energy! This week, we’re showing you how to make the most of your time in the shower. We have some fun activities involving music and a playlist.

Week 4: Let's get creative week

This week requires you to put to work the knowledge and skills you have gained in the past three weeks to create a unique and personalized project. Get ready to have your creative juices flowing!  


The goal of this week is for you to reach out to as many people as possible and convince them to join the next Dial Down Challenge. 


Upon completion of the surveys and activities, you will receive a certificate.
View a sample.