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Week 1: Energy Guardians Week

Welcome to Week One of the Dial Down Challenge!

We’ll teach you the thermostat dials of the refrigerator  and air conditioner, and introduce you to some activities that you can do right in your home. Our goal is equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to make a difference in your household  for the planet and your wallet. You totally got this! 💪

Pre-Survey: Ready to get started? Test your knowledge and tell us a little about yourself and your family’s energy consumption with this pre-survey. This pre-survey will also gauge your attitude towards energy conservation. Your journey starts here!

Daily Checklist: Want to start taking action right now to reduce your energy consumption? The daily checklist shows what actions you can take in your home, and this will be your best friend in this challenge. We promise this can help you build better habits in energy-saving behaviors! 💡🌱

Fridge Survey: Did you know that refrigerators are one of the largest users of household appliance energy? Let's take a look at your refrigerator thermostat and help you with ways to save money and energy!

Thermostat Survey: In the U.S, heating and cooling uses up about 44% of your home’s energy. We’ll be taking a look at your thermostat and giving you the tips and tricks to help lower your energy bills!

Week 2: Energy in the Kitchen

Feeling hungry? This week, we’re taking a look at energy in the kitchen and finding out all the ways we can dial it down! From home cooked meals to innovative energy-saving cooking tips and tricks, this is your week to unleash your culinary expertise while learning all the ways you can dial down your energy footprint in the kitchen.

Daily Checklist: Keep up those energy-saving habits!

Energy in the Kitchen Activity: Follow this energy-saving chef’s guide to find out all the simple, easy ways you can conserve energy as you go about your culinary creations. We can’t wait to see what delicious meals you’ve whipped up and we hope you had a fun, “energ”-izing time crafting up your masterpieces. Let’s get cooking!

Video Activity:

week 3: water heater wise week

Ever think about how you get your hot water? Water heaters do that job for us and they come in different types (gas, electric, etc.). Heating our water accounts for about a fifth of your home’s energy consumption, so this week, we’re teaching you the most efficient temperature setting to heat your water at. Let’s get wiser about water heaters. 😉

Daily Checklist: Building better energy-saving habits here!

Water Heater Educational Material: Do you know what kind of water heater type you have? We’ll be helping you identify and access your water heater thermostat. You’ll also learn the best temperature setting for your water heater.

Shower Activity: We’ve got a fun activity for you and a friendly competition that will involve your family! It involves timing your shower and making a music playlist!

Scavenger Hunt Activity: Ready to do a scavenger hunt? You’ll be looking at what parts of your home consume energy and ways to improve your energy consumption. Happy scavenger hunting! 🤗

Week 4: Let's get creative week

Wow, time flies, you have officially made it to the final week of the Dial Down Challenge! This week you will be using all the knowledge you have gained in the past three weeks to create a unique and personalized project. Get ready to have your creative juices flowing!  

Daily Checklist: We know you’ve been waiting for this! Take charge of your daily energy footprint with one last daily checklist!

Get Creative activity: It’s time to get creative! This is your opportunity to come up with your own strategy for promoting energy stewardship. From tiktoks to short stories, channel your inner energy steward zen to show what you’ve learned throughout the challenge.

Video Activity:

Exit Survey: To finish this challenge with a bang, we’ll be leaving you with a reflective exit survey. Congratulations Energy Stewards, it’s been a jam-packed 4 weeks but we are so proud of all that you’ve achieved and we look forward to seeing you lead your generation towards building a more resilient and energy-conscious future.